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When the two seams meet, pull the last stitch on each needle over the first of the next; knit the stitches between the intakes plain. Continue to decrease in this manner until the last stitches are reached.

MENDING KNITTING.--Knitted articles are repaired by reconstructing the web with a needle and thread. When the stitches are not actually broken, they can be strengthened by new ones made over them, by means of a needle and thread.

MATERIALS FOR DARNING STOCKINGS.--The thread used for darning a stocking should be a little finer than that of which it is made. Coton à repriser D.M.C[A] is the best, for as it consists of several strands it can be subdivided as occasion requires.

STRENGTHENING THE STITCHES (figs. 366 and 367).--This can be done in two ways. In fig. 366, the thread is brought out between two horizontal bars, passed upwards over a perpendicular bar, put in by the side of the same and brought out between the next horizontal bars.